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Fractal Impact Entertainment

Let us lead the way…

"The next turning point of the entertainment industry, the next breakthrough invention…"

I read that line via a website for UpliftForGFF a company sponsoring a pitch competition at the Gouna Film Festival in Egypt in the Fall of 2020. Some of the Togetherland core were there to share an early iteration of this vision. The following is what I wrote when I head that call…

The Evolution of Show Business


Show business, like every sector of humanity, must adapt and evolve to the new world being born.


We have seen examples like digital photography basically obsoleting print photography, and digital music and platforms like Netflix on the way to obsoleting the music and film distribution businesses respectively.


It’s only natural and clear to see that show business itself is also an endangered species and must evolve in order to survive and thrive.

Quantum Leap For A Quantum Age


Based on the most cutting edge technological advances like AI, and the reinvention of business with self-managment and self-organization, and the revolution in science from materialism to consciousuness, and the rapidly changing financial and economic sectors, it is clear that show business has changes coming to it.


Sometimes industry changes are small responses over time, and sometimes there are leaps. 



Social Impact Entertainment Can Be Exponential 


Togetherland is truly a genre-busting innovation for planetary transformation through entertainment.


What this means is that we will demonstrate an ability to cross over many styles and innovations and mediums, integrating them into a decentralized product that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. We call this synthesizing and weaving of many mediums and innovations Transmedium Production.


Many people are familiar with transmedia but we’re going a disruptive step further in weaving together entire mediums from internet technologies, to governance protocols, from film to business, and on and on the list goes.


We will use cutting edge AI, gamification and organizational processes and innovation models to redefine what it means to be an artist and entrepreneur and what it means to be a planetary citizen and philanthropist. 


Togetherland will enable show business to become a true vehicle for social transformation – inspiring, educating, and enabling interactive participation in a new culture of sustainable and regenerative co-creation and innovation. 



What If "Movies" Were "Real"?!?!?!?


Togetherland will be a planetary scale immersive, interactive, real time experience where everyone is able to become co-authors as well as participating audience members, as well as co-cast and co-crew …. creating a systemic feedback loop of innovation, stories and content that provide fertile grounds for large scale, empathetic and lightning speed consciousness change.


There are many people around the world talking about the need for a "new story" for humanity and Togetherland delivers on this. From transmedia to alternate reality games, from blockchain to live performances, from incubators to accelerators, Togetherland will create a Storyliving which simultaneously connects us, entertains us and uplifts us.



A New Show Business Suited to Our Generation



Show business can actually be a way shower for a new take on being an artist and entrepreneur and difference maker; because the arts are the most universal language we have across cultures, a new path for show business can mean a new vision for a more beautiful world. 


One of the most important elements of Togetherland is called Regenerative Filmmaking.


Show business is not only invited, but likely required, to adjust and answer to the global call for sustainable and regenerative actions that address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the overall move towards restoring our world.


Regenerative Filmmaking brings show business into the 21st century in ways that not only maximize our entertainment value but also maximize our human value and the health of our world.


What if we could continue creating amazing entertainment and simultaneously create amazing innovations that make the world a better place for all?


When we decide to shift, and consciously use major film budgets and assets in new ways, we can build ‘sets’ and ‘props’ and find ‘locations’ that are no longer temporary creations for a temporary scene. Actually,  these elements can simultaneously serve as production assets as well as real-time solutions to housing, food, transportation, poverty and much more. We can both build a new world and produce the greatest set of entertainment experiences in history.


It is time to think Moon Shot for Planet Earth and Togetherland’s take on Fractal Impact Entertainment can be a rocket that takes us there. The film industry can help lead the way into the next re-generation of industry…


The Life Industry and a care-first world.

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